5G, LTE To Dominate Africa’s Mobile Sector By 2026 – Omdia

TECHDIGEST – 5G and Long-term evolution (LTE ) will dominate the African mobile sector in the next few years, according to Omdia forecasts in its latest Service Provider Regional Outlook; Africa 2021.

In fact, by 2026, 5G and LTE will be the fastest growing technologies on the continent considered as the last frontier for adoption of advanced technologies.

By its projections, 5G subscriptions will grow from 50,000 in 2020 to 114.3 million in 2026. LTE subscriptions will increase from 187.8 million in 2020 to 678 million in 2026.

Nigeria planning 5G spectrum auction
Nigeria, Africa largest mobile telephone market, is lagging behind South Africa and Kenya in 5G commercial launch.

The telecom regulator has announced a possible Q3 2021 date for auction of 5G licence in what is expected to accelerate adoption of this fifth generation of mobile telephony across the country.

GSM and WCDMA to decline
Conversely, Omdia believes GSM and WCDMA subscriptions will decline by 61.8% and 19.6%, respectively, as mobile operators focus on switching users to 4G and 5G networks that offer a better data experience.

“The strong growth in mobile subscriptions will be supported by growing demand for data and digital services as well as the increased expansion of 4G and 5G networks to enhance capacity and coverage by mobile network operators. Overall, there is an increased focus on expanding rural connectivity and enhancing the affordability and availability of smart devices to promote data service uptake.

“Governments are beginning to prioritize 5G spectrum auctions and awards to promote the network deployment. Mauritius is one of the first countries in Africa to award 5G spectrum to licensed operators,” the report notes.


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