Robotic Security Dog
Robotic Security Dog

Adekunle Ajasin Varsity Students Invent Robotic Dog to Tackle Insecurity
By Abbas Badmus

TECHDIGEST – In the face of increasing threats to peace and safety in Nigeria, three students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba (AAUA) Ondo State, have invented robotic dog to tackle the high level of insecurity across the country.

The team comprising Aiyegbeni John oshoke, Loiki Charles Olalekan, and Adeyi Stephen Olabisi, all of the department of Physics and Electronics, AAUA.

L-R- Adeyi Stephen, Aiyegbeni John Oshoke, Loiki Charles Olalekan
L-R- Adeyi Stephen, Aiyegbeni John Oshoke, Loiki Charles Olalekan

Speaking with TechDigest in an exclusive interview, the team said it was motivated to build the robotic dog as its own contribution towards addressing the security challenges currently affecting all sections of the federation.

The team told TechDigest that the invention powered by motion and sound sensors has unique ability of the robotic dog to promptly react to any threat around its owner without exposing him/her to any risk.

According to the team, the robotic dog, unlike a real dog, can interact with the owner and save him/her from suffering any threat to their personal safety.

The team said: “The major reason for this robotic dog is to tackle security issues in the country, unlike a real dog that cannot interact with the owner, this robotic dog can interact with the owner and save the owner from putting himself/herself in danger.

“It has two sensory, the motion sensory and the sound sensory. Just like a real dog can barks when they see a strange movement or hear sharp sounds, so can the robot dog do too. When the robotic dog senses any movement or hears a sharp sound, it starts barking to alert the owner that something is happening in his immediate environment.

“With the help of this innovation, the owner doesn’t need to go outside to see why his or her dog is barking. The owner just need to connect his or her devise to the robotic dog and will be able to see everything happening with the vicinity without putting himself at risk. The owner can also record and take pictures of what’s happening at that moment for evidence”.

While expressing its determination to deploy the invention within the shortest possible time, the team solicited the support of the federal government through relevant agencies like National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and business enterprises to invest in the initiative to curb the insecurity in the country.

Specifically, the team called on the federal government to take advantage of this project to invest in the innovative talents of the youth to come up with practical solutions to the current problems facing Nigeria in different sectors.

“We haven’t gotten any investors or organisation to invest in this innovation which we believe can help tackle insecurities. This is a very good and big innovation which we expect the government and some big firms to invest in.

“This country has a lot of creative youths in technology and as we all know the world has evolved to 90 percent technology. The government needs to starts investing in the youths, so we can all come up with ideas that would take our nation to a better level compare to other developed countries,’’ the team concluded.


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