Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Finally Unveils ‘Smart Glasses’ That Capture Pictures, Video

TECHDIGEST – Facebook has finally unveiled its long-rumoured ‘smart glasses’ in partnership with Ray-Ban, which feature two front-facing cameras to quickly capture pictures and video.

The glasses, marketed as Ray-Ban Stories, come in 20 variations including Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer design, a round design, and its Meteor design. They are not waterproof so should not be taken out in the rain.

Users operate the glasses with a little button on their temples that will capture 30 seconds of video with a short press, and a 2592 x 1944 pixel photo with a longer press. Alternatively, users can say “Hey Facebook” and give voice commands to the glasses to take a photo or video.

When a photo or video is captured, it goes to a new app called Facebook View that can be used to share it on Facebook and Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram – as well as other apps like Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Built into the glasses are three microphones and Bluetooth connectivity, so users can connect to audio from their phone, make calls and send messages. There is an integrated touchpad on the side of the glasses allowing users to slide their fingers up or down to control the volume.

Facebook says the glasses will last six hours per day for three days with a fully-charged case.

The Ray-Ban Stories glasses look notably similar to another smart glasses product for Snapchat – Spectacles. Facebook, which tried to purchase the company for $3bn in 2013, also has a history of copying Snapchat features with filters, disappearing messages and most notably Stories.

However, when the first iteration of those glasses were released only 0.08 per cent of the app’s user base bought them, and it has been reported that under 50 per cent of buyers kept using Spectacles one month after purchase. Snap said it took a $40 million write down on the product.



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