How To Monetize Your Social Media Account
By As-sayyidul Arafat Abdulrazaq

TECHDIGEST – In a world where 3.6 Billion People use Social Media worldwide, what do you think about using your skills, audience, and your ideas to generate revenue for yourself?

We have more than 103 social Media sites, we human beings are socially inclined creatures and we are keen to embrace the technology that gets us connected to each other. But this same technology that gets us connected with our loved ones can also get us close to our customers and build a strong customer business relationship (B2C).

So, in this article we are focusing on how you can use skills or your existing audience to make money on social Media. Ideas and skills work together so we will talk about it all together.

Monetize your Social Media Account

These skills are very important for you if you are looking to monetize your social media accounts.
Marketing Your Skills Through Content
To market your skills obviously you need to identify your skills and you use them to attract your ideal audience or your targeted market.
The logic here is to make authentic and good content that will make your audience fall in love with it, to the extent that they will buy your product or whatever you pitch to them or even share your contents because they like them.

For Example, If you like to make videos, or you can dance or you are into fashion for instance. You can post the videos you make on YouTube and get paid with Google adsense.

But if you can dance or you are into fashion then you can take video of you doing what you do then you can post them on Instagram, TikTok this can increase the visibility of your video getting to musicians or brands if they like it, they request for your skills in their music videos or advertisement for their brand.

For those in fashion you can get brand deals in which they will give you free clothes to wear and post on your instagram for your followers to see or you might even get paid plus clothes depending on the amount of followers you have some brand like Fashionova, playboy etc does this. There are a lot of other skills you can also showcase on social media and also make money out of them.

Getting Brand Deals

Before brands can work with you they must see your dedication, authenticity of your content and also the love your followers have for your content and the willingness they have to buy your product but the key to all this is good content.

Monetizing Your Followers

To monetize your followers you must have a strong presence on any social media, your followers must like your content and they are interested in what you do.

If you have the followers already, but looking for ways to generate revenue from your followers then you just have to attract them enough to make the conversion

The only possible way of doing this in a digitally competitive world is to create content that is super appealing for the audience to attract them, and eventually engage with your post on any social media site.

This will be your social media strategy that you will use to market your content and make your target audience help you achieve your goal.

So to maintain your audience trust you will sell something your followers find immensely valuable, and if you are doing this right you will even continue to grow your fan base the more because it will show your audience why you are worth following.

Walt Disney once said, “We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies”

Popular way to monetize your audience are;

Create and sell physical products; it can be merchandise or anything your audience relates to.
The YouTuber Yes theory said “The advantage of this approach is that it can grow an audience beyond your existing content and products,” says Zack. “Sales might be slow at the start, but by building a sub-brand you’re giving it a longer tail of success because it’s drawing a clear line between your products and your creator brand.”

Marketing merch is a little different than marketing a traditional product—mostly in that you’re selling to existing fans first and new customers second. That also means you have a guaranteed audience of potential customers.

Here is an advise, your merchandise must be of good quality it will help in promoting you brand as your followers will keep on Using it but if it not authentic it will just be used once or twice and that it

Sell a productized service; like an online course, coaching. Selling online courses can be a source of passive income once you have an established customer base.

Your online course can also serve as a marketing tool and strengthen connections with your clients. Use your online course to show people what your brand is about. Show them what makes you better than the competition. Build strong relationships and watch how loyalty and advocacy for your course grows.

Become an affiliate marketer; here you sell a product for someone or a company and you get commission for selling the product. Companies like Amazon etc. do this there is a lot of niche to pick from.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s your job to help users discover the right product for their needs with high-quality content, help them make a purchasing decision, and then navigate them to the product website for completing the purchase.

Leveraging your audience to gain paid speaking gigs or book contracts.

you can ask contacts who already know and like you to recommend you as a speaker. For instance, a client might recommend you as a speaker for the professional association she belongs to, or a friend who spoke at a conference last year may suggest you to the organizers. Make sure that you have a high-quality video of you speaking, as well as a list of your topics, as those are the first things any organizer will ask to see.
You don’t need millions or tens or hundreds of thousands of followers before you make a career on social media. All you need is 1,000 True Fans according to Kevin Kelly, a technology writer in his article in 2008.

With 1,000 true fans you can make a lot if 500 of your followers spend #1,000 which is equivalent to $2 on your product a month you will make #500,000 equivalent to $,1000, but to get here you have to put in the work.

The 60-30-10 Rule of Social Media
To achieve the goal of monetizing your social media account you have to know the technique of posting so as to engage your followers, attract new followers and not bore your audience. That is you have to follow the 60-30-10 Rule. This is a tested and proved to be a working technique.

The 60% Rule

60% of your content should stand for your original content. That is, it must be relevant to your followers, but not sales-oriented. This is advised to be free content that educates or entertains, a funny meme, or a quick poll and remember this must be related to the genesis of your Social media Account (SMA) so as not to deviate your follower’s attention from why the account was created.

The rule also states that 60% of the posts you create should be engaging content that gets people reacting, commenting and sharing. So how do you know what to post or what content people will react to? Engaging content that will get your followers to like, comment and follow. Here are some few ideas that will help you achieve that;

1. Asking your audience related questions
Related questions like Q&A (Question and Answer), making polls. Audience feels more significant when they see their voice being heard and recognized, they are likely to keep engaging with you helping your visibility.

2. Make use of video
In social media monetization, video is the best way to encourage your followers to interact with your product or service. According to Social Media Today, video marketing remains the best digital content type by driving more views and more engagement than any other content type. And this remains true across all social media platforms.

The 30% Rule

Next, 30% of your content should be shared content, 30% of your content can be shared from other accounts or community members so you can use that to build your account. This strategy will help boost your business’ awareness in the community. If you give a shout-out to a neighboring, non-competing business, they’ll be likely to reciprocate in the future. When doing this you should make use of the appropriate Hashtags. As part of the 30%, you should also share content from national thought leaders or national organizations that are involved in your industry.

The 10% Rule

And the last portion of the pie, the 10% should be your promotional product, that is, what you sell or how you are planning on making your money with your Social Media Account. Why your promotional product should have less posts is that it helps attract and not bore your audience, at the end of the day “social media is meant to be social and not salesy”.

By only posting what you post naturally & promotions 10% of the time you are accomplishing your aim while still adding value to your business. One or two posts a week selling a product or service may seem low, but social media is all about building your brand, getting in front of your audience and staying top of mind.

Take it Over

If you are posting engaging content that people are reacting to, commenting, and sharing then when they are ready to purchase the type of product or service you sell, then they will think of your business.

With this technique, you won’t need to push your products and services in front of people. They will naturally think of your business, because they are interacting with your posts. Also this will enable the social media Algorithm to work in your favor by showing your product to potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.


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