Koo Officially Opens Operations In Nigeria Two Months After Twitter Suspension

TECHDIGEST – Koo has officially opened operation in Nigeria two months after authorities banned Twitter.
This week at a media briefing, Aprameya Radhakrishna, co-founder/CEO of the Indian microblogging and social networking app said the Koo app will explore the Nigerian market by making its services available in multiple local languages, including Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Pidgin English.

Abuja which banned Twitter’s operations in June joined the India’s Koo the same month to incite considerable signups for the social media platform.

Twitter was suspended after authorities in Abuja accused it of working against “Nigeria’s corporate existence”.

Launched in March 2020 as an Indian social interactivity platform, the Koo platform started envisioning to become global player and had over $30-million injected into it by investors in May 2021 to consolidate its steady rise as an alternative platform to Silicon Valley’s Twitter.

“A very warm welcome to the official handle of the Government of Nigeria on @kooindia! Spreading wings beyond India now,” Radhakrishna had tweeted in June to announce Nigeria’s entry and an important march to becoming a global alternative for Twitter.

Koo is based in Bengaluru, India. “Koo, owned by Bombinate Technologies. It has been touted as India’s alternative to American tech giant Twitter, after it was founded in 2020.” It’s growth in India has been fueled by tension between New Delhi and Twitter over issues bothering on local politics.

“Nigeria is a country with a rich cultural background and heritage. While it is an English-speaking country, we feel it is important for the people to be able to communicate in their local language in the digital space which will further enrich the local culture of Nigeria. Working with Nigerian people, Koo has been able to appreciate the historical and cultural nuances of the country. We would encourage a positive attitude on the platform, making us partners in progress”, said Radhakrishna to signal his company’s plan to become Nugeria’s major microblogging and social networking app.

Koo is available for download on both iOS and Android to app stores.

Koo has recorded a steady rise from its six million users as at May 2021 and sees faster growth with an increasing Nigerian presence. Many ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the federal government have signed up to Koo since Aso Rock officially joined the platform in June.



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