Make Use Of Alternative Platform; NIMC Tells Banks, Telcos, Others

TECHDIGEST – Thousands of telecommunication subscribers nationwide seeking to retrieve their lost Subscriber Identity Module cards or acquire new lines temporarily can make use of an alternative platform; Tokenization.

According to the NIMC spokesperson, Kayode Adegoke, he said that even though the NIN verification service (NVS) might be down due to maintenance by one of the service providers of its infrastructure, the alternative platform – TOKENISATION is up and running. No one should be debarred of any service on the guise of NIN not being verified.

It will be recalled that a public statement issued by the NIMC on Saturday linked the problem to downtime as a result of a maintenance service.

The NIMC spokesperson further said, “There is the need to ask questions from the Telcos, NIS, Banks, and others on the reason for turning down customers in the guise of NIN not being verified due to the temporary unavailability of the NVS, while the alternative platform- Tokenization is working

“NIMC NVS platform is not the only verification platform available for use, but Tokenisation which protects the identity of NIN holders is also up and running!!!

“And for accurate information, it is not a NIMC problem, rather, a government service provider has embarked on maintenance of its infrastructure, which has affected most government agencies that rely on it for the provision of IT service. But for us in NIMC, the TOKENIZATION is available for the verification of the NIN before rendering services.

“The NVS issue has not in any way affected our other operations and services- Enrollment/issuance of NIN and other services are going on; its only verification of NIN on the NIN Verification Service platform that is affected as stated in the statement and in which case there is an alternative platform – Tokenisation- for applicants and organisations to use for the NIN verification”, he said.

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