DG-of-NITDA- Mallam Kashifu-Inuwa-Abdullahi
DG-of-NITDA- Mallam Kashifu-Inuwa-Abdullahi

NITDA Urged Cautions on Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

TECHDIGEST – The Director General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Mallam Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE, has advised Zuma Times and other digital communications users to avoid using public Wi-Fi so as protect their data being compromise by hackers, who may be able to access the information being sent through the Wi-Fi hotspot, including but not limited to emails, financial information, and account credentials.

Inuwa gave the advice in a paper titled “Security And Digital Communication” at the Unveiling Of Zuma Times Website, Magazine, and 100 Top Personalities, in Abuja.

The DG who was represented by Malam Ahmed Yahuza, Head Cyber Security Unit NITDA, said, hackers may also set up their own rogue honeypot Wi-Fi points that appear legitimate whilst only being interested in stealing the data of those who connect to it.

“One of the most basic ways that keep your digital communication platforms safe is to always use strong and unique passwords. I am certain this is the umpteenth time you will be hearing this, but it cannot be overemphasized that using simple and same passwords for all your digital platform accounts makes it easy for cybercriminals to gain access to them. It is therefore, important to always use strong and unique passwords for each account when registering an account on any communication platform online,” he advised.

Inuwa added that in cases where it is difficult to remember these passwords, a password manager can be used. This applies to digital devices as well.

“In addition to the use of strong and unique passwords, it is advised to also enable two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security on your accounts or devices. Basically, two-factor authentication adds a secondary authentication measure; which in most will require something you knows, such as a PIN, password or pattern, something you have, such as a phone or email account, as well as something you are, such as a fingerprint or facial scan.

“Note that this applies to digital devices as well. Do not share your passwords, PINs or OTPs or other measure for authentication with anyone,” he said.

The event which also hosted recipients of awards of excellence on individuals impacting meaningful changes in the society had Malam Inuwa as one of its top recipients.


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