Pablo Sobron (left), chair of Impossible Sensing, and Impossible Sensing CEO Kristian Mueller
Pablo Sobron (left), chair of Impossible Sensing, and Impossible Sensing CEO Kristian Mueller
Space Technology: Impossible Sensing Hires new CEO and Relocates HQ

TECH DIGEST- Impossible Sensing, a St. Louis-based startup that develops sensing technology for exploring space and the ocean, has appointed a new CEO and recently relocated to a larger local headquarters. Kristian Mueller will take over as CEO of Impossible Sensing on Monday. He succeeds the startup’s founder, Pablo Sobron, who will continue to serve as Impossible Sensing’s chairman. Impossible Sensing, founded in 2016, is creating technology systems to explore the depths of space and the ocean. According to the 20-person startup, its sensor technology can be used to collect research and data about other planets and the moon, natural resources available in space and oceans, and the impact of climate change.

Mueller will take over as CEO after joining Impossible Sensing in 2021 and managing the company’s engineering team. According to his LinkedIn profile, he previously worked for Paragon Space Development Corp. in Texas and Honeybee Robotics in California before joining the St. Louis startup. “With Kristian at the wheel, we can keep our team focused on a single-minded mission and unleash even more potential,” Sobron said. “This is the next step on the road to Impossible Sensing becoming a leader in space exploration and a key player in the race to de-carbonize our own planet.”

Impossible Sensing also announced the appointment of a new CEO and the opening of a new headquarters at 2700 Cherokee St. in the city’s Gravois Park neighborhood. The new location, measuring 22,500 square feet, will allow Impossible Sensing to expand its operations, according to officials.

WSL Properties owns Impossible Sensing’s new office, which was previously home to Angel Boutique, which relocated to 3300 S. Jefferson in 2019. Impossible Sensing had been operating out of a 3,500-square-foot office at 2607 Potomac St., located inside an old church owned by Southside Spaces, since 2018.


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