Trashpays will Empower Youths through Smart Waste Management- Co-Founder

TECHDIGEST – Online waste management startup, Trashpays says its operations have been programmed to ensure the profitable empowerment of Nigerian youths through active participation in the company’s innovative waste management initiative.
In an exclusive interview with TechDigest, the co-founder of Trashpays, Oyetunji Adewale Bashir said that the company will help impact Nigerians by creating awareness for greener environment, improving sanitation and hygiene through their mobile application and its navigation features.

He explained that the startup was set up to solve waste management problems by providing a platform for buying and selling of items produced from waste.
According to him, the company has economically empowered many youth who are working as household trash collectors on the platform.

“The human environment becomes a thing of concern for sustainability. Trashpays was established to solve problems relating to waste management. The platform is a hub where households, trash collectors, reclyclers, and industries buy and sell products. We provided a template for upcycling and innovation of crafted items from waste and reusable items on our platform.

Training secrion
Training section

“Trashpays also enable youth empowerment through Trashpays Agent engagement whereby able youth involve themselves in advocacy and trading. We provide them with tricycle for collection of trash items from households. In return they exchange these items for point system that is later converted to cash through personal registered account of the user on our platform’’.

The Trashpays co-founder also told Techdigest that his company was prepared to engage relevant stakeholders to encourage partnership and patronage from individuals, government institutions, and private sector organisations in Nigeria.

“We are trying so hard to involve stakeholders that understand the importance of good physical environment to human development. With the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Advocacy, we believe we can partner with government, non-governmental organisations and philanthropies to develop sustainable cities and communities.
“We proposing a Recycling City to investors and donors of green environment and environmental adaptation. For now, we need patronage. We are trying to be big in marketing and awareness on the positive impact that our ideas and innovation can bring to Africa and the World at large.

While applauding the effort of the federal government in empowering youth through NITDA, the co-founder appealed for transparency and accountability to enable startups access funds to carry out research and development.

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