On Technical College Students Viral Video and Social Monitoring: PR Perspective

By Kabir Abdulsalam

TECHDIGEST – Recently, while fiddling with my mobile phone, I stumbled on an interesting topic discussed at a Public Relations and communications marketing online forum on social media monitoring.

The forum, agog with seasoned PR Experts, expressed their cerebral thoughts on how to operate successfully in the PR space.
Interestingly, a question was debated on social media monitoring and its impact on an organization’s reputation with a case study of a viral video ascribed to Technical College Ikorodu, Lagos state. In that video, some students were seen dancing and committing gross immorality within the school premises.

The video trended on the digital space with many commentator not only condemning the student’s erotic activity but also crucified the management of the College for their negligence and ineptitude.

It was learnt that, the video was on the cyber space until it was brought to a forum of Public Affairs Officers (PAO) of Lagos State after few weeks, the PAO was reported through the exam board contacted the management of the school, only to discover that the school in the video was not TVCI. In fact, a careful examination of the video revealed that it was not even a Nigerian School’, Ayodele Ishola, a contributor stressed.

But as we speak, the management has yet to respond to the wildfire scandal that tinted the school with a bad image.

Without counter response, many still think the gross act of immorality by the students in the video took place at the Technical and Vocational College Ikorodu.

Meanwhile, it is paramount to note that both individual and organisation had to register it’s social presence in today’s digital space,thus, monitoring essential. The allegedly school could have quenched the flame of the false video before it went viral if active virtual space.
Social media landscape has undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years. Brands and individual have gradually notice the importance of monitoring online environment. Not today, the use of social media for PR Inclusion for the purpose of building and maintaining trust is notwithstanding must naturally sync for effective PR success.

The fact that PR Practitioners often face the challenges dealing with positive and or negative publicity, monitoring social media is essential, it beyond tracking brand mention. Proper monitoring allows organization to promptly respond to negative mentions on the brand image.

As PR pros, it must be noted that crisis are imminent and can’t be totally avoided, it is well known that no one can control social mentions about your organisation in online environment, yet, it is simply impossible to please everyone.

Here, you can navigate your negative publicity through effective and efficient proactive strategy in digital world with these few tips.

Set up social media monitoring tools; that will include market research and competitor analysis. Establish traditional media scanning to facilitate PR evaluation and most importantly, keyword search engines on brand name; hashtag of product or service your offer in your niche.

Meanwhile, setting up Google alerts, or leveraging a paid media monitoring tool and having a crisis plan that ensure swift and effective damage control to cushion the negative publicity during crisis.



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